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OSSvisor is committed to helping clients understand and assess the latest IT trends and tools that will enable them to meet new business needs. Our team of experts is committed to deploying the highest quality yet affordable solutions that allow our customers to better manage new and existing IT investments while maximizing their return on investment. We are dedicated to quality and providing excellent customer service, OSSvisor has a long and successful track record of delivering state-of-the art infrastructure to customers using industry's best ITIL practices.

OSSvisor is an advanced IBM Business Partner who provide various solutions in Enterprise Management across all the verticals. With global delivery centers operating from offshore OSSvisor enable Business Process Management (BPM) services, Business Service Management services, Enterprise IT Strategic Consultations, Recommendations of industry best practices, Compliances for Bureau and Statistical reporting in Insurance, and Helping insurance industry to move-to better technologies (web applications). Our Enterprise Management solutions help customer to monitor and manage their networks and systems efficiently and effectively, by providing personalized dashboards, custom reporting, service models, and integration with legacy systems.We deliver expert services and support for Enterprise IT Service Management and IT Security using IBM technologies throughout the life of your solution from design and build through delivery and into ongoing performance improvement and support.

OSSvisor's management team and employees come from a background of strong domain expertise. We at OSSvisor are focused on delivering customized solutions, encompassing strategy, people, organizational system architecture, enterprise wide information systems. OSSvisor's forte is in providing world class custom built solutions, on-time, cost effective, speaking the customer's language for innovative, state of the art, mission critical and technology driven applications.

Why Choose Us ?

OSSvisor's solutions are designed to monitor and manage IT infrastructure assets easily and effectively.

Since businesses deliver critical services using these IT assets, OSSvisor's solutions monitor the health, availability and performance of these services with a view to ensuring Quality of Service, isolating outages quickly and minimizing downtime and the costs associated with downtime.

OSSvisor designs and deploys these solutions for Customers across different markets and verticals, ranging from Service Providers to the Federal Government to Emergency & First responders to large transnational shipping companies.

For each one of these customers, OSSvisor's solutions have increased the reliability of services delivered, reduced operational complexity and expenses and enabled growth and expansion.

A sampling of these solutions illustrates the breadth and depth of OSSvisor's expertise in crafting world-class solutions using best-in-breed COTS Service Management software platforms.

OSSvisor can quickly craft an innovative solution for your environment based on your requirements. Once deployed, this Service Management solution that can reduce your OpEx and increase customer and user satisfaction with the IT services you deliver to them - while providing accelerated ROI on your CapEx.

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