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Resource Management

Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus

IBM Tivoli Netcool®/OMNIbus™ software delivers real-time, centralized monitoring of complex networks and IT domains. With scalability that exceeds millions of events per day, Netcool/OMNIbus offers around-the-clock management and automation to help you deliver continuous uptime of business services and applications, optimize operations costs and efficiency, and improve time to market. Environments supported by Netcool/OMNIbus software include a vast array of network devices, Internet protocols, systems, business applications and security devices. Because the software offers breadth of coverage, rapid deployment, ease of use and exceptional scalability and performance, enterprises and service providers worldwide can leverage the Netcool/OMNIbus suite to manage the world's largest, most complex environments.Netcool/OMNIbus provides realtime monitoring, management, and event de-duplication and helps organizations proactively manage their IT infrastructures to ensure continuous uptime of business services and applications. Environments supported by Netcool/OMNIbus include business applications, Windows and UNIX systems, data switches, voice switches, IP routers, frameworks and others.

The Netcool ObjectServer™, the core component of Netcool/OMNIbus, is a high-speed memory resident database that collects event information from throughout the infrastructure. Netcool Probes & Monitors™ collect event messages from throughout the IT infrastructure and forward them to the Netcool ObjectServer for consolidation, filtering, de-duplication, suppression, and analysis.

The Netcool suite also provides Executive Dashboards that allow you to customize realtime views of operations and business services, based on geography, department, or supporting IT resources. Point-and-click interfaces allow you to address and prioritize the resolution of IT problems based upon their business or customer impact. Designed to meet the needs of both IT executives and operations personnel, the Netcool dashboards provide a 'birds-eye' view of services as well as detailed analysis of specific IT resources.

Netcool Probes & Monitors collect and consolidate data from over 1000 environments off-the-shelf . Netcool manages events at the device and system level while also testing service and application availability from the service user's perspective.

Netcool Gateways™ interface to third-party databases and applications that need to share event data interactively with the Netcool/OMNIbus realtime event database engine. Examples of gateway-supported environments include Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Informix, Remedy, Clarify (Amdocs), Vantive (PeopleSoft), Siebel, Metasolv,

Using generic probes, proprietary probes, standards-based probes (such as SNMP trapd and TL1), gateways, and monitors, Netcool/OMNIbus can collect data from virtually any networked environment. Examples include:

  • E-Commerce Applications
  • E-Mail Services
  • Wireless Services
  • Service Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Bandwidth/Usage
  • Network Devices
  • Systems
  • Applications
  • Z-Series and I-series

Many customers use IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus to manage tens of millions of events daily. The software can be deployed in a distributed, parallel or hierarchical fashion to support complex operations environments that span diverse geographic boundaries. Because it couples scalability with a flexible architecture, the software can deliver robust event management to support environments of any size. When the software detects faults, they are processed in the ObjectServer, a high-speed, in-memory database that collects events from across the infrastructure in real time. Netcool/OMNIbus then eliminates duplicate events and filters events through an advanced problem escalation engine. The software enables your staff to hone in on the most critical problems and even automate the isolation and resolution of those problem.

Resource Management

Tivoli Netcool/Proviso

The service provider marketplace is fiercely competitive. To stay at the forefront and to retain and attract new customers, it is crucial to continually introduce sophisticated new services, and do so with the highest levels of availability, reliability and performance.

Ibis Instruments offer as a Performance management solution The IBM Tivoli Performance Management Solution that delivers carrier-class performance management, monitoring and reporting to help you improve total network performance. Two products are part of our Performance management solution:

  1. IBM Tivoli Netcool/Proviso, focused on managing performance of wireline and IP networks .
  2. IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for Wireless, deliver critical performance metrics to help you manage all aspects of your network infrastructure (for more details look IBM Tivoli Network Performance manager).

This IBM Tivoli solution allows you to collect, process, analyze and prioritize the ever-increasing volumes of data from complex multi-vendor, multi-technology networks to build an end-to-end view of overall network performance. You can monitor a variety of Key Performance Indicators, such as availability, response time, content accuracy and more, from multiple technology domains—wireless, wireline, IP and IT for voice, video and data and network, hosts and applications—for end-to-end management of all elements supporting legacy and next generation service delivery.

The IBM Tivoli Performance Management Solution allows you to manage your services as needed,immediately address service issues, plan for fluctuations in demand and traffic flow, and seamlessly react to unforeseen changes. By proactively monitoring and predicting trends you can improve network utilization and increase productivity. Powerful root cause analysis ensures rapid detection and isolation of performance service degradations. And by effectively managing ongoing changes in the network and automating time-consuming tasks, you can minimize costs associated with troubleshooting and problem resolution.

The IBM Tivoli Performance Management Solution scales to handle the volumes and complexities of the world's largest networks, features modular deployment to provide immediate value, and includes integration capabilities to leverage your existing investments. Flexible, robust reporting and web portals deliver accurate, relevant information throughout your organization, from network engineers to business executives.

Performance metric report

Accelerate Time to Market

Our performance management solutions are used by wireless, wire line, and convergent service providers globally to help them improve their network quality and to optimize their network performance.

In a legacy performance management environment, it often takes too long and is too expensive to manage changes in the network, so today I would like to talk about how Tivoli Netcool performance manager for wireless and Proviso help service providers get to market with new technologies in a cost-effective manner. So what are the different ways that our performance management solutions help service providers get to market fast?

Well, first, we offer a modular product architecture that allows service providers to add or upgrade support for new network technologies and vendors in a plug-and-play fashion. And unlike other performance management solutions in the market that often requires lengthy and costly services engagement, we offer commercial off-the-shelf technology packs that covers a wide range of different technologies and vendors. And these technology packs, they are delivered with prepackaged report and KPIs that allow service providers to be up and running to manage their network in a very, very quick way. And also, these technology packs are covered by our robust roadmaps which will service providers to better plan and predict spending as changes occur in the network.

Secondly, we have a large team of system engineers and domain experts with vendor expertise for all the different types of vendors that are out there in the market, and their knowledge is built into our technology packs. So what this means to you as a service provider is that you will be able to leverage our investment and expertise that we build into our technology packs so that you don't have to spend time with a vendor that relies on you to provide the network knowledge.

Thirdly, our reliance on OEM teams are working to set up strategic relationships with key players in the market, the key network equipment providers, and by doing that, it allows us to obtain relevant technical information early in their release cycle so that we quickly can support their new releases and new technologies as they become available.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Today, the network carriers are evolving themselves to offer the consolidated bundle services offering of wireless/wireline/broadband services. To achieve this, they are actually merging their underlying networks, and as a result of this, they are owning a very complex network which has the characteristics of multi-vendor, multi-technology, and shared network nodes. One of the key areas where they are looking to gain the operational cost efficiencies is by deploying a single PM solution which spans across all the facets of their call flow in more like an end-to-end solution. This can basically collapse the siloed nature of PM solutions they have in-house today, and by efficiently maintaining their ability to track and manage interoperability issues, along with providing a consistent, common reporting methodology across the board.

The IBM Netcool performance management solution offers the key characteristics like, it comes with prebuilt technology packs which have been developed through our engagement with hundreds of network carriers across the globe and the domain knowledge in optimizing and managing wireless in these complex networks. Also, the Netcool performance solution can leverage the ability to bring in the fault data as well as the configuration management data to do the cross-correlation to overcome the manuallevel of effort involved in these activities, which are done across the network carrier's operational workspace. As well as this, the Netcool solution comes with pre-built KPIs and report libraries which can assist the users to narrow down the problem and get to the resolution faster.

Improve Operating Efficiencies

Today carriers have a lot of PM solutions and they're all working in their silos, which actually will not fit the bill for the converged networks. The traditional method of reporting – of here's how IBM's PM solution is going to help.

IBM's performance management solution comes with an integrated solution to both fault management and configuration management areas, where the traffic-generated events from performance management area actually can be looked into by fault management. Those events are the first priority set for the users to troubleshoot. And in the overall process, they are actually spending less time running the reports, but they are spending more time trying to solve the events by trying to correlate the data between fault management and performance management.

So here's an example. For an RF engineer today, if he would like to solve the problem of having dropped calls in the network, he would actually run a traditional report and then try to fix a problem. He would actually talk to the fault management users and then configuration management and other organizations.

The process is taking too much time. So if there were traffic-generated events already raised from the performance management solution to fault management, these events would actually help the users, who are sitting in the operations center, to execute the reports on those events specifically, and then try to do the analysis. That way, the users are not actually spending more time to talking to each other, since the system correlated data helps to do a better analysis. And overall, the benefit, it's going to improve the mean time to repair and also better root cause analysis.

For more information look Wireless and wireline PM solution.

Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager

IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager, combines into one bundled offering, the best-of-breed performance management products, IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for Wireless and IBM Tivoli Netcool/Proviso. This acctualy means that if you by one of these products you get Core platform of other for free.

For CSPs, the benefit is that they can now:
  • Purchase a bundled offering to manage both wireline and wireless network infrastructure, making it easier to evolve to converged fixed-mobile network performance management.
  • Protect and leverage investments already made in Tivoli network performance management products and solutions
  • Simplify license purchase with our streamlined common pricing model covering both fixed and mobile technology management, making it easier to manage software license costs, and avail of additional beneficial features of the pricing model.

Key benefits of are:
  • End-users needs for new and enhanced reports can be quickly met without a services cost impact
  • Increased network complexity can be supported by adding on new technology packs when required
  • Lower OSS integration cost, e.g. with pre-integrated Fault and Performance Management
  • Overhead in managing multiple siloed PM systems and multiple supplier relationships can be removed
  • Professional services are on offer to keep system in step with network vendor upgrades and supporting new technology add-ons
  • Expanded support for major operating systems including Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Red Hat Linux
  • Today, as commercial bundle, tomorrow as one unify solution Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for end-to-end performance management.

For more information look IBM Tivoli Performance Management

Resource Management

Tivoli Monitoring for Applications (formerly Netcool/XSMs)

IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring for Applications monitors application performance and availability. Tivoli Monitoring agents contain best practice situations and expert advice for quick problem identification, notification and correction. IBM Monitoring Applications:

  • Integrate into an end-to-end infrastructure management solution that enables you to measure performance, detect problems, correlate events across the business, and monitor baseline service levels of system resources.
  • Extend the end-to-end monitoring and management capability of IBM Tivoli Monitoring to include management and monitoring of SAP landscapes as part of the IBM Tivoli Monitoring family, sends application-specific events to Tivoli Enterprise Console for advanced correlation and automation.
  • Leverage Tivoli Enterprise Portal visualization capabilities to include best practice situations, expert advice, customized workspaces, and historical data gathering.
  • Include the SAP Agent, which provides management and maintenance capabilities, such as monitoring availability of SAP landscapes and gathering SAP-related metrics.
  • Operating systems supported: AIX, HP Unix, Linux, Sun Unix, Windows.

Service Management

Tivoli Network Manager (formerly Netcool/Precision)

Tivoli Netcool/Precision for IP

Tivoli Netcool/Precision for IP is one of the products from the Netcool "add on" series, outside of the basic monitoring core solution. It can be integrated to enable specialization for specific applications. In this case, the specialisation applies to IP networks – the core platform is universal for all application areas – and the added value is achieved in the form of advanced monitoring of IP networks.

Tivoli Netcool/Precision is a solution intended for advanced monitoring of IP networks. Apart from monitoring, Netcool/Precision includes tools for creation of advanced alarm correlations in IP networks, as well as the tool for autodiscovery of network topology and its graphical visualisation together with one of the product's crucial characteristics – topology based correlations and RCA-Root Cause Analysis techniques. Basic features of this product are the following:

1. IP Network Autodiscovery

This feature is extremely important as it allows implementation of tools for advanced monitoring of IP networks. After the installation of the product, or as needed during its exploitation, it is possible to launch IP Network Autodiscovery. The product will automatically perform network analysis, using standard SNMP, telnet and other methods to discover the complete network topology, and collect inventory information about the objects in the network. The collected information contains the following data:

  • Information about the equipment in the network, including type and version of operating systems, number and type of interfaces...
  • Information about connections between various elements, as well as the complete picture of the network topology
  • Information about VPNs in the network
  • Information about logical connections, including OSPF connections

The collected information is stored in the internal database to be used in alarm analyses and topology based correlations. Also, this information may be exchanged with external inventory systems via a special interface.

It is important to note that Precision is capable of network rediscovery, which means that every change in the network topology will be automatically detected and topology database updated. Discovery and rediscovery processes use elements marked on the previous picture as Discovery Engine, SNMP and Ping Pollers.

2. Visualisation of the Topology and GUI-based Monitoring

This feature is based on the previously described network autodiscovery. Tivoli Netcool/Precision for IP includes a GUI interface delivered as a plug-in for the standard web server of Netcool systems – Netcool/Webtop – which allows visualisation of discovered topology and monitoring of equipment. All alarms collected in the ObjectServer and analysed in the RCA engine are logically correlated with other alarms in the system and can be presented to users. Equipment icons are coloured in the code colour of the alarm with the highest emergency level received for that element, and it is possible to create a complete list of alarms for any or all elements. This interface is shown in the following picture:

3. Root Cause Analysis-RCA

Root Cause Analysis technique is certainly one of the product's most important features. In short, this technique works as follows: it is a known fact that a single failure in a network, like link or router malfunction, may cause an avalanche of seemingly unrelated alarms from various parts of the network. The operator cannot easily identify the root cause of the problem. This kind of operational procedure may negatively affect the elimination of problems because of the prolonged and painstaking diagnosis. Also, there are many alarms in the system which needlessly overload the server and may even confuse the operators working on the solution. Netcool/Precision is capable of correlating these alarms on the basis of the network topology stored in the topology database. The RCA engine which executes this technique is capable of finding and marking as critical the true "root cause" among the multitude of seemingly unrelated alarms. At the same time, other consequential alarms are suppressed and marked as not critical or even deleted. In this way, the system operator works more efficiently, with clearly identified "root cause" problems within the system and clearly marked irrelevant consequential alarms which would otherwise impair the analysis of the problem. This method allows immediate diagnosis of the problem, after which its elimination now depends on the efficency of repair teams, increasing operational productivity and positively impacting the OPEX. It is also important to note that this method allows additional filtering of alarms after the initial filtering in the ObjectServer, achieving additional reduction in the number of consolidated alarms.

Service Management

Tivoli Netcool/Impact

A persistent challenge for operations staff today lies in managing data across your organization. While data access is needed to monitor mission-critical business functions and respond to developing problems, the essential information often resides in vast numbers of data stores and database formats. In addition, necessary limitations on user access - across lines of business and silos — can make centralizing data management a challenging undertaking. The costs of reengineering processes and replacing tools can be prohibitive, and out-of-the-box gateways often do not offer the flexibility needed to access all relevant data.

IBM Tivoli Netcool®/Impact™ meets this challenge by providing a common platform for ubiquitous data access that easily circumvents traditional organizational boundaries. Armed with data from virtually any data source, administrators can correlate, calculate, enrich, deliver, notify, escalate, visualize and perform a wide range of automated actions.

The advanced policy-engine provided by Netcool/Impact allows administrators to define exactly what actions should be taken and when. These actions can include adding of business context to IT events, making it easier to perform essential functions such as event prioritization, business impact analysis and measurement of key performance indicators. Further, customizable Web-based views virtualize multiple data sources and provide a single point from which to view distributed data.

Tightly integrated with Netcool/OMNIbus, Netcool/Impact shows the realtime business impact analysis of specific faults within the infrastructure. It allows you to see how Netcool-collected events will impact IT-based business processes, services, and business-critical applications.

Netcool/ Impact retrieves business process, customer and service information from a variety of databases and files. When events occur, Netcool/Impact automatically enriches Netcool/OMNIbus events by linking the right information with each event. This "enriched" event gives you the knowledge needed to define resolution policies and instruct Netcool/Impact to take automatic corrective action on faults. In addition it can escalate events to email, pagers and other systems - ensuring fast and efficient notification. Netcool/Impact's analysis of events helps you prioritize work and focus on business-critical events. The Netcool/Impact application provides answers to the following questions:

  • Impact Analysis: What customers and applications are impacted by faults?
  • Event Resolution: How should I prioritize faults and assign responsibility?
  • Policy management: What resolution policies should I follow?

Service Management

Tivoli Security Operations Manager (TSOM)

Tivoli® Security Operations Manager (TSOM) is a security information and event management (SIEM) platform designed to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and visibility of security operations and information risk management. By centralizing and storing security data from throughout the technology infrastructure, Tivoli Security Operations Manager enables you to:

  • Automate log aggregation, correlation and analysis
  • Recognize, investigate and respond to incidents automatically
  • Streamline incident tracking and handling
  • Enable monitoring and enforcement of policy
  • Provide comprehensive reporting for compliance efforts
Tivoli's Security Operations Manager automates many repetitive, time-intensive activities required for effective security operations. The result is an efficient, cost-effective approach to security operations.

Customer Management

Tivoli Maximo

Tivoli Maximo Change Manager allows you to manage the planning, approval and deployment processes associated with change and release management. Tivoli Maximo automates the change and release processes increasing the speed and consistency of changes and releases, and provides verification records for financial and regulatory controls.

  • Captures change requests and all pertinent information such as requester, purpose of change, categorization by priority, impact, affected assets or locations, as well as the schedule for implementing the changes.
  • Job tasks, labor, materials, services, and tool requirements required for the change can be planned for and actuals can be recorded once the change is complete.
  • Manages the release of authorized configurations or version of assets into a production environment; Releases detail the tasks, scheduling, and people or groups involved in the release.
Tivoli's Security Operations Manager automates many repetitive, time-intensive activities required for effective security operations. The result is an efficient, cost-effective approach to security operations.

Service Management

Tivoli Business Service Manager (TBSM)

Tivoli Business Service Manager delivers the real-time service visibility and intelligence that business and operational users need to maximize service performance to:

  • Manage the ongoing health of services, processes, transactions, missions, and business activity
  • Speed problem resolution with automated service impact and root cause analysis
  • Automate service model maintenance via a dynamic federated information model
  • Leverage and improve return on existing 3rd party and IBM management tools
  • Deliver service intelligence via real-time service scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and SLA tracking

Service Management

Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager

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